I was thinking..... when we introduce our Saviour to one that He puts in our path, do we explain to them that it is a very very personal, special, awe some relationship with Him?
There is something to be said for a "church" or a group of like persons worshipping and serving our Master and Lord. We are all one church, we are all one body.
But when you come down to it, when you first came to know and accept our Saviour, it was a very personal thing! It was YOUR sin that He covered, it was YOU that failed and He picked YOU up and held you when you weren't so lovable. It was YOU that He gave a specific cross to and asked YOU to carry it.... not give it to someone because it was not meant for them.
It is YOU that He knows literally from the beginning of time.
He knows me in the same way.
But's it is indeed all very personal!
How amazing to realize that the relationship we have with Him as a member of the body of Christ depends on a very personal relationship with Him.
And since it is something so personal, He will guide you in your walk with Him, in His instruction manual (bible) so that we ..... personally ..... may live in union with Him at the end of time.

Keep it personal! And if you keep it personal and I keep it personal, and they keep it personal, then we are all together!
One thing that comes to mind is that where there are two or more gathered in His name, there He is also.
Together, but separate!

In peace,

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