There You Were

This is dedicated to those special angels that show up just when we need them the most!

I walked along one day,
My eyes so low cast down.
I felt I had no reason to smile
And every reason to frown.

Then next to me appeared someone,
Only an angel could it be,
She said, "I'm here to share your burdens.
Let me set your spirit free."

You see that bird up in the sky?
He toils endlessly.
His life is so full of dangers,
And yet so peaceful is he.

There is someone who's in charge, you see,
Of all things great and small.
And I have been sent to love and guide you,
Until you're able to stand tall.

I'll be there when you're hurt and crying,
I'll be there when you're down,
I'll be here till you can stand tall and happy.
And I'll be there when you wear your crown.

At first I didn't know the angel
Saying things so true,
But when I looked again, 'twas plain to see
The angel friend was you.

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