If you go away hungry, it's your own fault!

So many folks ... especially in our generation..... when we have guests and feed them, one thing that is SO often said is "if you leave hungry, it's your own fault!"
Meaning, of course, that you are welcome to partake of the feast until you are well satisfied!

Well, there is another meal that we are all called to........ a banquet! We will sit and dine with all who were called and attended.
There will be more than ample for each of us. But....... I can eat of my plate, and you can eat of YOUR plate. You can't have mine! Nope! No way! Can't have it!

On our "plate" down here on earth, it is the same ... I have challenges on my plate.... In my case (as in many others) pain is a big challenge. And often times a heart a bit too big for my own comfort. Along with this, I have a large helping of graces and blessings. I am blessed with so many things, that it would take a very long time to type in and I'm too tired to do that right now! lolol
I'm well blessed with the gifts of needlework, and music, and talent to help others on the computer. I am blessed with a very loving and patient husband.

Ok...... you get the idea....
You may have on your plate family problems, hurts that doen't seem to heal, loss of finances...... and your blessings may be totally different than mine! You may be blessed with the gift of discernment, or of prophesy.
But...... this is important...... YOUR plate is for YOU...... not me.
and MY plate is for ME........not you. God gives us exaclty what WE need.
I've heard others ask and some tell me that they cannot understand how I deal with the pain and other challenges (I call them that, the doctors call them problems! What the heck do they know, right??? lolol)

I do because it needs doing. No answer any more cryptic than that.
Now then....... if I compare myself with YOU and think YOUR plate holds many more yummy treats, I can't eat it! It's bitter and very unsatisfying. I can't handle what YOU can! Maybe you are a caregiver, or a teacher of special children.....or maybe just the best mom in the world! Your forte may be working out in the world and making lots of money which you will use for charity and helping others.
I can't do that. Because that is YOUR plate!
Pick up your own forks, my friends. Taste and Eat the goodness of the Lord! Taste the banquet (including the brussel sprouts! lol) that the Lord has prepared for YOU!
If you leave hungry, it's your own fautl!

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