Chris Benton

I can't imagine tomorrow; I can hardly face today.
I miss you, dearest child; a mother can but pray.
I recall how you ran and played - a free and carefree lad.
But now there is an awful hole and your mother's oh so sad.

You've gone home to meet those who've gone before.
But I can't understand the reasons and ask in repetition, "Why, dear God? What for?".
So many smiles you brought to me and made my heart so gay.
Now you're ever in my heart, dear son, and we'll meet that blessed day.


You are listening to "Wind beneath my wings"

And you were that, Chris.

In loving memory of

Chris Benton

Christopher Benton

Born 1976

Heaven bound November 5, 2010

He left behind his wife, Becky Ann and two children, Andy and Anna.

Chris, you will be sorely missed. We do so love you and anxiously await the day we will be together once more, dear son.

My Precious Son

I seem to have nothing left to give my son,
It seems that in my time of grief everyone pulls and tugs,
And wants to lean on me for strength.
It seems that at this time - when I should receive the help,
I am not allowed to grieve for fulfilling all their needs.
I do find some stolen moments,
Every now and then,
To find the quiet time I need,
To sit and grieve for you.
By your example am I gaining strength,
For in your love for Our Savior,
I am reminded of His Love for me.
I am also reminded, in the quiet times,
That when I feel my strength is gone,
That I have but to lean on Him,
And He will carry me through.
I miss you so my precious son,
I miss the opportunities we might have had,
The times that now will never come.
But in that quiet special place,
That’s in a Mother’s Heart,
I know that you will always remain,
And I shall have no regrets.
God Bless you my son, I miss you so,
But it was time for you to go,
Go to your Heavenly Reward,
Where someday down the road,
Perhaps a short time, perhaps even longer,
You will be there to greet me and welcome me to my Heavenly Reward.

With Love and Hugs ,
Colleen Rech

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