Angels Message


Hello, my dear, I want you to know

That I am here with you watching you grow.

I'm by your side, whether you know it or not.

Protecting you from dangers, and there are a lot.

I was assigned to you the day you were born

To laugh with your joys and hold you when forlorn.

I stand in your stead when satan is near

And God's power defeats him, so you never need fear.

"Where are you?" you ask . You don't see me, it's true.

But I'm there with you just as the skies that are blue.

Sometimes you will see me in the faces of friends

In the words of love spoken or the hands that they lend.

So, dear one, remember wherever you go

Whenever you feel the love of God glow,

When you feel the breeze caressing your face,

It's me there with you spreading God's grace.


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