A Frail Angel


On gossimer wings she once flew high.
But then one day I heard her cry.
Her wings had become heavy and sore.
She didn't think she could fly anymore.

She'd weathered sun and storms and rain
And her frail body was now wracked with pain.
She'd fullfilled her mission, to be sure.
But I wondered what I could do for her.

She'd been my shelter in a storm
And always kept me safe from harm.
So now for her I'd do my best.
I knelt beside her and prayed for her rest.

The Father heard my plea for this angel dear.
And in His love and mercy said, "Have no fear!"
She'll fly again when the time is right!
But for now she'll rest within your sight.

I cared for and nursed her and gave her my love,
Then one day a great light shone from above.
The angel so frail whom I could now see
Lifted her wings and lifted from me.

Another charge she'd been given so she lifted her wings.
With a happy tear for her my grateful heart sings.
The joy in her heart could not be restrained,
This once frail angel, no longer in pain.


This is dedicated to the fragile angels among us.

God blessed me abundantly with you.

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