When I have the time to sit and ponder,

I close my eyes and my mind begins to wander.

To future and past I gaze in awe,

And now and then with my pen I draw.

When first I started on this reverie,

My pen drew for me alone to see.

Jagged and hurtful lines I drew

In angry colors and hurtful hues.

Then I felt your love around me close,

And suddenly felt much less morose.

Your love for me was such a balm,

And very soon, I felt quite calm.

When once more I looked to see

The artwork surprised even me.

For in place of pain and bitterness

I saw love and tenderness.

Your love has seen me through each time

I saw no reason, saw no rhyme.

So I walk by your side never to roam

Until the day I finally make it home.


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